Month: September 2018

Know version of NodeJS on Ubuntu

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you can get the version of your nodejs by issuing command:

node --version

Permissions error while installing Hyperledger Fabric Composer-Cli

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On Ubuntu (the supported Linux development environment) using sudo to install composer is not recommended.

Problem is the npm prefix which can get set to /usr/local to which the user doesn’t have write access. Issuing an npm config set prefix /home/[user]/ will solve the problem.

For example if username is “abcd” then try issuing following command:

npm config set prefix /home/abcd/

You may have an old version of Composer or one of the components installed. Try using npm ls -g –depth=0 to see if you have some composer code already installed, and if so remove it with npm uninstall -g composer- where might be cli, or playground etc. Then retry with the install -g command.