Month: November 2018

Return String as ActionResult in ASP.Net MVC

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You can simply just use the ContentResult to return a plain text string:

public ActionResult Temp() {
return Content("Hi there!");

Check if jQuery UI is loaded ?

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Question: How to check if jQuery UI is loaded on web page ?

First make sure you put any code that calls it in $(document).ready(). At that point, everything should be loaded on the page.

One better way is to check by writing Read the rest of this entry »

Blockchain in Health Insurance Industry

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Blockchain is reshaping DNAs of almost all businesses, Health Insurance industry is one of them. No doubt insurance industry is already very mature enough but still stakeholders face day to day issues due to lack of connectivity between computerized systems of Insurance Vendors, Hospitals and other Healthcare Services Providers. Read the rest of this entry »

Drop system-versioned temporal table in SQL Server

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To Drop a Temporal Table you first need to turn System_Versioning OFF. Then Delete your required temporal table. Finally you can also choose to delete History table associated with your Temporal Table.

DROP TABLE [dbo].[TemporalTest]
DROP TABLE [dbo].[TemporalTestHistory]