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You might be thinking of bulk enrolment in your scheduled classes. We mostly get the task of enrolling bulk student into group of classes, mostly in Semester system scenarios. Where we have pre-defined number of courses for each semester, and we want to enroll all registered students into all those classes. In that case we use functionality of “Block Enrollment”, in which we create a group of Students which is called “Student Block” and a group of classes which is called “Class Block” and merge them through “Block Enroll Merge” functionality.

Block Enrollment is a three step process

1. Create Class Block
2. Create Student Block
3. Block Enroll Merge

As we have already covered about Creating Class Block and Creating Students Block in previous blogs, here we will discuss about Block Enroll Merge process.

1. Navigate to Main Menu > Records and Enrollment > Enroll Students > Block Enroll Merge

2. Click on “Add a New Value”, you will get a screen as shown below:

3. Select the Student block (that you have already created in previous steps)
4. Select Class Block (that you already have created in previous steps)
5. Click on Merge

6. Once you click on Merge, Submit button will get enabled. Click on Submit button.


Submit action would take some time depending on your number of classes in Class Block and number of Students in students block.

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