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Assignment # 3 – Presentation on Relevant Research Topic

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Assignment # 3: Presentation on Relevant Research Topic

Topic: Face Recognition Using EigenFaces

Presentation: Assignment-FaceRecognitionUsingEigenFaces

10-20 Research Papers / Books about Image Processing

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S.No Article Type Title Authors Year of Publication Publication Body Citation
1 Journal Paper Introductory digital image processing: A remote sensing perspective John R. Jensen & Dr. Kalmesh Lulla 2008 Remote Sensing and Biomes, Volume 2, Issue 1 6198
 2 Image Acquisition for Digital Camera Based on Emgu CV  WANG Yan,CAO Yinjie,LANG Fengfa,HUANG Hui  College of Physical Science and Information Technology
 3  Symposium Paper  An image-processing based automated bacteria colony counter  Ates, H.
Gerek, O.N.
 2009  Computer and Information Sciences, 2009. ISCIS 2009. 24th International Symposium  13
 4  Journal Paper Color recognition system with augmented reality concept and finger interaction: Case study for color blind aid system  Manaf, A.S.
Sari, R.F.
 2011   ICT and Knowledge Engineering (ICT & Knowledge Engineering), 2011 9th International Conference  4
 5  Journal Paper  Eigenfaces vs. Fisherfaces: Recognition
Using Class Specific Linear Projection
 Peter N. Belhumeur, Joao~ P. Hespanha, and David J. Kriegman  1997   IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON PATTERN ANALYSIS AND MACHINE INTELLIGENCE, VOL. 19, NO. 7, JULY 1997  9658
 6  Journal Paper  Face recognition using eigenfaces  Turk, M.A.
Pentland, A.P.
 1991  Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 1991. Proceedings CVPR ’91  5124
 7  Journal Paper  Kernel eigenfaces vs. kernel fisherfaces: Face recognition using kernel methods  Ming-Hsuan Yang  2013   2013 10th IEEE International Conference and Workshops on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition  762
8  Journal Paper  Eigenfaces for Recognition Matthew Turk, Alex Pentland  2007 Journal of Cognitive Neurosciences  –
9 Conference Paper Beyond eigenfaces: probabilistic matching for face recognition Moghaddam, B. ; Mitsubishi Electr. Res. Lab., Cambridge, MA, USA ; Wahid, W. ; Pentland, A.  1998 IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition  80
10 Book Chapter When Eigenfaces are Combined with Wavelets Bai Li, Yihui Liu  2002 Book: Applications and Innovations in Intelligent Systems IX  –