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Block-Enrollment in PS Campus Solutions

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You might be thinking of bulk enrolment in your scheduled classes. We mostly get the task of enrolling bulk student into group of classes, mostly in Semester system scenarios. Where we have pre-defined number of courses for each semester, and we want to enroll all registered students into all those classes. In that case we use functionality of “Block Enrollment”, in which we create a group of Students which is called “Student Block” and a group of classes which is called “Class Block” and merge them through “Block Enroll Merge” functionality.

Block Enrollment is a three step process

1. Create Class Block
2. Create Student Block
3. Block Enroll Merge

As we have already covered about Creating Class Block and Creating Students Block in previous blogs, here we will discuss about Block Enroll Merge process.

1. Navigate to Main Menu > Records and Enrollment > Enroll Students > Block Enroll Merge

2. Click on “Add a New Value”, you will get a screen as shown below:

3. Select the Student block (that you have already created in previous steps)
4. Select Class Block (that you already have created in previous steps)
5. Click on Merge

6. Once you click on Merge, Submit button will get enabled. Click on Submit button.


Submit action would take some time depending on your number of classes in Class Block and number of Students in students block.

How to Create Students Block for block-enrollment in PS-Campus Solutions

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1. Navigate to: Main Menu > Records and Enrollment > Enroll Students > Block Enrollment > Create Student Block

2. If you wish to modify existing Student’s Block, Search for that and open it. Otherwise goto “Add a New Value”, you will be presented a screen as shown below.

3.  Enter Identity for your new Student’s Block.

4. Click on Add.

5. You would get a screen as shown below:


6. Add required students one by one as described in image below.


7. Once you finish adding all required students, Click on Save button.

Congrats! You are done with creating your Student Block.

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Create Class Block – Peoplesoft Campus Solutions

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To create a class block follow the steps given below:

1. Navigate to: Main Menu > Records and Enrollment > Enroll Students > Create Class Block
2. Either search for existing value or simply come to “Add a new Value


3. Enter IDentity for your class block, it can have upto 5 characters length

4. Click on “Add”

5. Add Classes one by one as shown in diagram below:


6. Click on “Save” button.

That’s it. You are done with creating class block.


Assign Enrollment Access to a user – PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

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To allow enrollment permissions to a user, following the following steps:

1. Navigate to: Main Menu > Set Up SACR > Security > Secure Student Administration > Enrollment Security

2. Search for your required User.

3. Select the user (open it)

4. Inside Enrollment Access ID: select “FULL
Note: You can select appropriate Enrollment Access based on your requirements.


5. Save it.
Now, Test the permissions by enrolling students.

To Apply ORDER BY in PeopleSoft QUERY

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Their would also be some good methods or any proper specific way to speciry ORDER BY in Peoplesoft Query, but the was I used once is given below…

1. Create Your Query Completely

2. Go to “Having” tab

3. Click on “Add Having Criteria”

4. Select “Expression” and click on “New Expression”

5. Enter 1 in Expression Text field and click “OK”

6. Also choose expression from downside box, and enter: “1 ORDER BY yourField”

This will work. See the View SQL tab to better understand what this method did to your query.


To Drop a Class / To Drop all enrolments from a Class

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To cancel a class, follow these steps.

1. Curriculum Management > Maintain Schedule of Classes
2. Select (open) the required class
3. Go to 3rd Tab: Enrolment Cntrl
4. Check on “Cancel if Enrolled”
5. Then select “Cancel this section” and click on “Cancel Class” button.
6. And save


7. Now you can drop the class by pressing “-” button on first tab.
8. And SAVE.

NOTE: If you don’t check “Cancel if Enrolled” option, you might get following error:
Cannot Cancel Class, Students are Present and Cancel if Student Enroll Flag set to No (14600,352) Change value to 'Yes', then cancel class.

Its done.