Avoid SEO Enemy URLs

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You would have probably heard about SEO friendly URLs, but would have never gone through SEO enemy URLs. Some of you might be thinking the URLs which are not SEO friendly are considered at SEO-Enemy URLs! No, this is not at all true. Consider following URLs…

a) http://www.example-url.com/articles/2009/01/14/    (Excellent)

b) http://www.example-url.com/articles.php?year=2009&month=01&day=14  (Not bad, will work)

c) javascript:__doPostBack(‘ctl00$exampledomain$action001’,”);  (Dirty, Never Recommended)

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DoodhPatti.com – Pakistan Social Community Portal

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DoodhPatti.com – The name comes in our mind very frequently whenever we think about our dearest cultural drink Chai (Tea).

DoodhPatti.com is one of Pakistan’s fastest growing web portal where visitor guests can do lot of activities of their daily lives. Today as of March 28, 2009 – it consists of Classified, Jobs, Events, Music, Blogs, News, Forum, Web Directory and a Desi Friends Community filled with much more fun!

DoodhPatti’s free classified tool is very helpful if you want to sell, purchase, rent any thing, any property of any item of your home accessories.  For more information please read classified in detail.

Be informed about the events happening in your area, in your town and in your community. Invite your friends if you are managing any event or if you are aware of any public party. For more information please read Events in detail.

Some people say music is part of life, & some say music is life… we say Music is nothing BUT your DoodhPatti – without that a Desi cannot live! For more information please read Music in detail.

Job . Job . Job – Job is the most important thing one needs to survive in world, You have a family that you need to take care, You have a girl-friend whom you have to gift some thing, you have any hobby without which you cannot live – for all this you need Money, and for Money you need Job – And GET YOU A JOB IS OUR MISSION – For more information please read Jobs in detail.

How to write an article

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Writing an article is a great fun.